Redline Exhausts

Redline Exhausts

Japanese Motorcycle Exhausts​

We repair and build exhaust systems for Japanese motorcycles.

Alloy and stainless steel sports mufflers custom built to order. We do not mass produce systems at all so subsequently are not jigged up for many models. However we are prepared to jig up for any reasonable request.

High level pipes and special one off systems can be built on the bike to any specifications.

Drag pipes, Megaphones, Extractor systems can be fabricated from scratch.

Sports systems from any manufacturer can be rebuilt or repaired. Scratched mufflers can be reskinned or repaired and polished.

Suzuki SV 650
Suzuki SV 650
JYC 2-1
XS 650 2-1
CB bobber
ZL1000 Kawasaki