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Redline Exhausts

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8 Coongie Ave. Edwardstown

South Australia 5039

Ph.08 82770311

Mobile 0417 804 291


  • Modifications to standard pipes for noise and flow
  • Replica and Sports Aftermarket Systems Made to Order
  • Exhaust Repairs, Reskins, Polishing and Dent knocks
  • Stainless, Alloy, Titanium Welding and Repairs
  • Tube Bending and One-off Fabrication
  • Vintage & Veteran
  • Classic & Custom
  • Sports Exhausts for Road & Race
  • Rebaffle loud pipes
  • Cone Rolling & Metal Spinning
  • Problem solving all exhausts


Redline Exhausts was established in 1991 by Terry Merritt. We build, repair and modify exhausts for a vast range of motorcycles, trikes and quads. Since we started in this business, we have built a reputation for producing quality exhausts and exhaust repairs.  We weld stainless steel , aluminium  and titanium  as well as special one off metal fabrication, sheet metal and tube bending projects.


Our line of expertise is fabricating products from raw materials to suit all makes and models to  any specifications. From the early 1900’s to the latest models, our range is limitless because we adapt to market demand. We may be small but we are very proud of our products and services and will go to great lengths to protect our reputation in the industry. As such all Redline Exhausts products come with a personal money back guarantee.


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TRADING HOURS appointment Tues.-Frid. 7.30-5.00 and most Sat mornings

VISA and MASTERCARD  facilities available