Redline Exhausts

Redline Exhausts

Exhaust Repairs and Reskins

We have the expertise to handle most motorcycle exhaust repairs. 

Scratched and road scarred silencers can often be repaired or wrapped in a stainless skin to mask all the ugly marks  Sometimes just tig welding and polishing will bring them up to a great finish. 

Expansion chambers can be dent knocked and cracks welded to bring them back to serviceable order.  Finish varies depending on the state of the pipes. (i.e. Rust and fatigue) Older chambers can have sections rebuilt to retain original specs Nickel plating and ceramic coating is also available for all exhausts.

Titanium headers, mufflers and link pipes can be dent knocked and welded as well. 

Polishing services are carried out mostly in the shop but larger jobs are sent to a specialist polisher. 


CR 250 chamber trashed
C250 chamber trashed
CR 250 chamber repaired
CR 250 chamber repaired
K250 exhaust - trashed
Before reskin
K250 exhaust repaired and reskinned
After reskin